Someone Different

Updated: Aug 21

When you feel you’re nothing like everyone around you. I feel I am supposed to be someone different, but that life was snatched away. I feel I don’t belong to this world that was laid out in front of me, in the wrong way. Was life supposed to be different or was I supposed to go down this journey feeling alone. I felt I belonged here or there but feel people pulled my strings to make me want to curve away. I feel like I’m running and can’t stop and my hearts gonna burst. What happened did my rug get pulled from underneath me. These feelings of dread and not understanding what now lies ahead. Why are people so cruel to change your direction in the way they did. I feel they have no feelings and all laugh at my dread. I believe karma will be waiting for them ahead. I guess I’d rather feel something than nothing because life’s about living and caring than wanting to be dead.

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